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TCP is a common abbreviation for “traffic control person,” i.e. a “flagger.” A flagger is someone who’s supposed to show up when and where requested to safely direct vehicle traffic around your work site.

That’s how it’s supposed to work anyway. Anyone who’s hired TCPs in the Comox Valley knows that the people who show up at your site – if they show up at all – often leave much to be desired.

That’s why, when we introduced Precision Traffic Control Services, we changed the definition of TCP. With Precision, TCP stands for Traffic Control Professional. Because that’s exactly what our crew members are.

Our Comox Valley TCPs are versed in the latest WorkSafeBC and MOTI regulations, they show up where and when requested and they do their job professionally, efficiently and effectively. We all live right here in the Comox Valley, so you can bet we take pride in keeping our roads safe. After all, those are our families we’re guiding around your work zone.

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