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Flagging is the time-honoured tradition of haphazardly guiding vehicle traffic around a roadside work site, generally with little regard for the safety of anyone involved and absolutely zero respect for responsibility, punctuality or even personal hygiene.

If you’re a Vancouver Island flagger, your true gauge of success is typically to add the number of hours you work before people realize you’re completely inebriated, then subtract the number of injuries that occurred on your watch.

What, that’s not what you think flagging should be? Yeah, we didn’t think so either.

That’s why we started offering our own Comox Valley traffic control services. And we don’t hire flaggers; we hire Traffic Control Professionals. We do everything a traffic control contractor should do, except we do it professionally, efficiently and effectively, and we do it right here in the Comox Valley. It’s where we live, where we raise our families and where we actually care about roadside safety.

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