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The Precision Tree Services Commitment

At Precision Tree Services, we’re committed to providing superior tree service to our customers. Here’s what makes us different...

Certified Utility Arborists – Our crew leaders are Certified Utility Arborists trained to tackle the most difficult tree jobs. Only Certified Utility Arborists are approved by BC Hydro to work on trees near power lines. BC Hydro trusts us to keep the power on. ’Nuff said.

Honest pricing – If we quote you a price for your job, we’ll stick to that quote. Period.

We look the part – When we’re working on your property, we know that our appearance reflects on you. That’s why we maintain our gear in top condition, complete with numbered team jerseys for easy identification of our #industrialathletes.

Radio communications – Safety is our top priority. Our crews are fully equipped with radio communications to ensure your work is completed as safely and efficiently as possible.

Top of the line equipment – We use the best tree services equipment money can buy. We have one of the highest-reaching bucket trucks in the Comox Valley with a 75’ working height. We also have an array of chippers – from a maneuverable 9” Bandit Model 95 chipper to the massive Bandit Model 254XP, capable of chipping whole trees 14” in diameter. Bring it on.

A higher level of safety – Precision Tree is a SAFE Certified company. That means we’ve earned a Certificate of Recognition (COR) for adhering to safety procedures over and above what WorksafeBC requires. Because unsafe is unacceptable.

We care about our environment – Our crews carry biodegradable bar oil for their chainsaws. We use biodiesel in our equipment. We dump our wood chips where they can be used – on farms, in gardens, to line trails, etc. In short, we do everything we can to minimize our impact on our beautiful world.

Contact us today to experience superior tree service in the Comox Valley.