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Precision Peak Performer for November – Tye Flath

 January 3

TYE “PAIN TRAIN” FLATH is our Precision Peak Performer for November 2016! Mr. Flath helped keep the crew organized on the ground and continued to deepen his aerial skill set, logging hours climbing and in the bucket. His dedication and perseverance helped bolster his point total and make become the FIRST repeat winner of the Precision Peak Performer award! Take it from me, coming out on top of #teamprecisiontree’s amazing #industrialathletes takes serious hard work. CONGRATULATIONS TYE!!!

You might be thinking, “wow, and ok, well, so what?” First off, stop using so many commas. Second, for attaining the title of Precision Peak Performer Tye gets $50 cash. Yes, CASH. Now go get to work and maybe one day you’ll be a peak performer like Tye. Hurry, you’ve got A LOT of catching up to do.
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