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Meet the Comox Valley’s most awesome tree cutters, stump removers and crime fighters

Current Roster

Nickname: "Jimmy"
Height: 5' 11.5"
Weight: 185lbs
Chips: Right
Position: CUA
James is also known as: Daddy; Uncle Jimmy; Dear; Jimbo; Bossman; Jim Mitchell; Jamie; Jerk; Big Country; Jim; Jimmy J-Bo; 20 Cent; Jelly Roll; Hey You. As owner/operator of Precision Tree Services Ltd, James works hard.
Nickname: "Dale"
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 200lbs
Chips: With his mind.
Position: CUA
Dale comes from a line of tree workers generations long. He was literally born with a chainsaw in his hands, and took to the trees immediately after leaving the womb. Originally an elite climber he has fully adapted his skills to bucket work, becoming quite possibly the most efficient arborist in human history.
Nickname: "Chad"
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 180lbs
Chips: Left
Position: CUA
Charles Smith is an android sent back from the year 2029 from the "Arbornet" terrorist organization. It has been programmed to achieve site specific vegetative clearances to ensure the utility's system reliability. Any person or thing attempting to block it from executing its primary objective will be utterly and completely defeated.
Nickname: "Wild Bill"
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 190lbs
Chips: Ambidextrous
Position: AUA
Trauy, aka Wild Bill, is infamous for his ruthless and aggressive handling of large volumes of brush. Chippers have been known to cry as Trauy relentlessly plugged them with as much branch debris as humanly possible. One chipper even quit. Seriously. The chipper quit; it literally unhitched itself and rolled right off the job site. Update: No, it's not windy. The trees are shaking with fear because they found out Trauy is now an   apprentice set to go aerial.
Nickname: "Cap"
Height: I'd appreciate it.
Weight: 180lbs
Chips: Ambidextrous
Position: Groundman
Ryan Gansner is actually a super hero. All Precision Tree employees have been sworn to secrecy not to disclose his actual hero name, though if you watch him work close enough you'll probably figure it out. He hauls trees faster than a speeding bullet, he's more powerful than a locomotive, and he's able to leap the largest ditches in a single bound....

Honorary Team Members

Nickname: "CK"
Height: Tall
Weight: Ya, right
Chips: Right/Various
Position: Consultant
“The Connected Woman” is a world class Business Development Strategist located in Vancouver, B.C. who specializes in ”All Things Small Biz” She uses her extreme intelligence and S.T.A.R. - Successful, Tenacious, Accomplished & Remarkable - skills to precisely identify her clients’ needs and of course, kick ass. (not to mention she wields a mean 24” Husqvarna.) If you’re in business to succeed, Cathy’s the one to call.